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The model builders

The typical model maker sits in his craft cellar and works in front of him. He is a self-deprecating, shies away from the sunlight and comes to the fresh air at most once for shopping for new kits or glue! He makes social contact, if at all, at model tree dinners and exhibitions – but then only with like-minded people!

It is time to clean up these prejudices!

There are numerous modelling clubs and clubs that dedicate themselves with dedication and joy to the most beautiful hobby in the world and live out their passions in the community.
So do we… At the PMC Dortmund e.V.

More than 40 years ago, a few model ingesling enthusiasts got together and launched the PMC. From the very beginning, it wasn’t about club-making, but about exchanging ideas, tips and the common passion to build models. Even the choice of topics does not matter to this day. The members are represented in all divisions. So you will find civilian vehicles, planes, railways, figures, ships, military vehicles and everything else to build on a scale that is reduced in size. Nor do the modelling skills matter. On the contrary! No beginner is ridiculed or marginalized! We stand by with advice and deeds and give each other tips to achieve the optimal result. At present, the PMC comprises around 40 members from a wide range of professions and all ages. There are the casual model builders, who usually build their favourite models out of the box, the perfectionists, who in principle only pick up the basic kits and create everything around them in-house, and also small series manufacturers who have turned their passion into a profession. The spectrum is very multifaceted. Over the years and through visits to many, including international fairs and exhibitions, numerous friendships have developed with other clubs and model builders, so that the PMC-Dortmund has become known far beyond the regional borders. The PMC is a welcome guest at the model-making events in Germany and the neighbouring Benelux countries.



Club life


Our stand

A major highlight is the annual INTERMODELLBAU in Dortmund, the largest national modelling fair in Germany. Inspired by the former members of the PMC, the Westfalenhallen have been holding this great event for over 40 years and gives the most beautiful hobby in the world a family-friendly forum. Here the club presents itself in all its facets on a really big and friendly stand. We use INTERMODELLBAU to bring the hobby closer to a broad crowd, to answer questions and to attract new members. An important component of this is also the work of children and young people, whereby the association is generously supported by industry.

But it’s not all about model making. In addition to the joint exhibition visits, the intermediate human is also of great importance. Once a month you meet in the clubhouse, talk about God and the world in a cosy and casual round and you can go well! Activities such as barbecues and craft workshops are regularly on the agenda – and all on a voluntary basis!

Club activities


The Board of Directors

The PMC also cooperates intensively with the industry. For example, a 1:24 Brian James trailer, which two members co-designed and designed, was released in Aoshima’s program. The ModellFan also likes to use the know-how and creativity of the members. The names Andreas Weber (aircraft), Sascha Müller (1:24 civil vehicles), Joachim Goetz (figures) and Dirk Przyklek (trade fair reporting) are certainly known to the reader. Requests from well-known international model manufacturers for the construction of test models or trade fair specimens are added in regular tournus. Plastic model making is undergoing an astonishing technological change. The increasingly perfect manufacturing processes enable almost perfect and precise reproduction on a reduced scale down to the last detail. A few years ago, things like 3D reproductions, laser technology or CNC milling were pure music for the future! Through professional experience in these fields, the association enables such techniques to be integrated into private modelling. At each meeting, one or the other shows his latest achievements. Joint projects are planned and discussed. Contacts range from the 3D printing component to decal manufacturers to figure modellers. It is precisely this diversity that makes club life so interesting and exciting. Many of the PMClers are dedicated to modelling with heart and soul, and the private collections can fill entire halls. If you are looking for information about a particular aircraft, ship or vehicle, you can be sure that you will get enough information!

Our divisions

Diversity makes us!

Take a look around!


Whether car, motorcycle or truck, on our vehicle page you will find great models, built by our members!


Aircraft – civil and military – on a scale of 1:144 and 1:24


Historical as well as Modern


WWI, WWII and Modern


Here the variety of model making is shown!


Everything that floats and dives!

SciFi / Fantasy

From the universe to Middle-earth or steampunk worlds.

Club meeting

We meet every 1st Friday of the month from 7 pm:


Zum Armen Dorfwirt

Schwerter Straße 306

44287 Dortmund-Aplerbeck




PMC Dortmund e.V.

Model making out of passion!